What gun-store owners don't tell you. . .   You can buy your holsters for pennies on the Internet, safely, easily, and in as little as two minutes.

Who Else Wants To Buy A Genuine Leather Fanny Pack Gun Holster
For Pennies-On-The-dollar? 

. . . . .This Is Not a Misprint.


Dallas, Texas

Dear Fellow Gun Enthusiasts:

If you are interested in leather fanny pack holsters and other gun accessories, then this just may be one of the most interesting letters you have ever read. 

Did you know?  The Internet can be a gold mine.  For example ...the Internet has opened up the " wholesale " market to almost everyone who knows where to go. trading forex

fanny gun pack WARNING: Do not buy another fanny gun pack holster or accessory until you have seen all the pictures, and  read all this information.

   A couple of months ago, my son Brandon and I spent a really pleasant morning at our local indoor gun range.  After shooting, we did what we traditionally do.  We spent a few minutes lazily browsing the range's aisles and showcases.

This is normally a pretty hazardous past-time for me.  The problem is that I always come across another gun that "I absolutely must have  . . .and just can't live without."  (Know the feeling :>)

But, what I saw next just plain shocked me.

  Normally I don't pay much attention to the " fanny pack holsters " or " fanny gun pack..and I'm sure you understand why.

I was just about to skip over the pistol fanny pack section, when a bright red "sale tag" caught my eye.

I will readily admit that I do have a weakness for a bargain.  (My wife claims it's an addiction ...but I beg to differ with her (well OK ...kinda differ) fanny gun pack

In my own defense, I bet that I have saved a ton of money over the years.  Just by buying stuff when it was on sale, rather than wait until I really needed it. forex market

So anyway... the red-tag catches my eye ...but it was the price written on the tag that boggled my mind.

A Fanny Holster pack Is normally pretty darn expensive...

Don't get me wrong.  It was not the original cost of the fanny pack holster that surprised me, because I expected a high price tag.

It was that the "supposed" red-tag sale that astounded me ... 

it was so damn high.

The holster had been reduced all the way down to $59.95 (big whoop!). 

...BUT, that was STILL 60 bucks for a fanny holster pack  .

Confidence Is Knowing...
Your Weapon Is Quickly Accessible!!

Alert but relaxed, we look no different from any other bystander!
Nobody suspects you are actually carrying a concealed handgun.  That your fanny pack
is actually a "fanny gun hand pack"

fanny gun pack


Until confronted with a deadly threat! You were walking around normally.

You had completely forgotten about the imported handgun in your fanny pack holster.


...Then, in one movement you insert your hand, and the holster zips open smoothly from the pressure of your hand
...Even as you move to open the leather fanny gun pack, nobody suspects you are reaching into a concealed handgun holsters. forex trading platform

fanny gun pack


...Then, in one movement you insert your hand, and the holster zips open smoothly from the pressure of your hand
...Even as you move to open the leather fanny gun pack, nobody suspects you are reaching into a concealed handgun holsters.

fanny gun pack

. . .Suddenly the bad guy suddenly begins to feel uneasy.

fanny pack holster

You have to wonder at what point does this bad guy begin to suspect this may not be his day?

. . . as his brain starts to register the dull glint 

. . . It will start to become clear that he is facing a concealed weapon!

fanny gun pack

fanny gun pack

Until. . .

pistol fanny pack

. . .Its just too late!!!

 As you can see from the photographs, our fanny holster pack will look good no matter how you are dressed.  It will blend in with both casual wear, or smart wear.

fanny gun pack Disclaimer: Any offer is limited to "stock on hand."  ** See explanation below

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pistol fanny pack With our black leather fanny pack holster , a person can be alert but relaxed.

The holster blends in with any dress code. Wearers look no different from any other bystander! Nobody would suspect that you are actually carrying a concealed handgun….that your fanny pack is actually a "leather gun holster."

fanny gun pack Very comfortable to wear, is very easy to forget that you have one on.

fanny gun pack Strapped around your waist, and placed in the position preferred by you, your favorite weapon is easily accessible.

gun fanny pack The holster is designed to zip open smoothly, and with familiarity, this can be achieved with the pressure of your hand.

fanny pack holster If it becomes necessary to move quickly from a "yellow" or cautionary mindset into a " near-red zone " . . .In such situations, if it becomes necessary to move your hand towards your weapon, to the untrained eye, it will appear as if you are simply reaching into an ordinary fanny pack.

pistol fanny pack Our holster will look good no matter how you are dressed. It will blend in with both casual wear, and smart wear.

concealed weapon fanny pack Because of the durable leather construction is also perfect for outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, or hiking.


fanny pack holsters          fanny pistol pack

Check Out Everything You get:


fanny pack holsters Our fanny gun pack is 100% genuine leather.

gun fanny pack It works equally right-handed, or left-handed.

pistol fanny pack It zips open from either the right side, or the left side.

fanny pack holsters It will accommodate even the largest waist size.

fannypack holster The belt is fully expandable, which means it is perfect for both men and women.

fanny pack holsters The belt size will expand from a very small waist, right up to a 50-inch waist!

pistol fanny pack It will accommodate 99% of large and small framed handguns out there.

gun fanny pack Made out of 100% genuine leather, it is durable and will wear well.

gun fanny pack The black leather and design make our holsters look good no matter how you are dressed.

fanny pack holster The main compartment is large and roomy.

concealed carrry holsters The zippers are self-repairing, and sturdy.

fannypack holsters Total interior flexibility allows you to customize the exact way that you personally like to position your weapon.

fanny gun pack A sleeve-insert (included), can be removed and used as a separate "pocket a holster." this feature alone makes it a "two-fer".

concealed carry fanny pack holster The insert is a "one size fits all," and will stretch to fit your small or full frame guns.

gun fanny pack With or without the sleeve - insert, the holster can be simply used as a "plain old Fanny-pack." This feature makes it a "three-fer".

concealed handgun fanny pack As a bonus feature, there is also plenty of space for extra clips, wallet etc..

fanny gun pack The leather is a super-supple and buttery soft for added comfort.

waist pack holster Two convenient front zip compartments expand its versatility.

fanny pack holsters There is also a bonus zip compartment, located out of site at the back of the fanny pack.

concealed carry fanny pack Numerous Velcro straps, deliberately manufactured with a broad design provide for a very secure grip of your weapon.

fanny pack holsters It has generous "block-shaped" areas of Velcro on the inside fanny pack, and on the insert. This upgrade makes it very simple to customize the precise positioning of your weapon. This is an important feature, because it allows you to place the fanny pack on your waist for the most comfort. This will vary depending upon your particular activity for that day…PLUS, it allows you to personally customize the position your weapon for the quickest access!

concealed handgun fanny pack Leather construction, and large front compartments, make it perfect for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, or fishing etc.

Compare With Other Leather "Fanny Pack Holsters" Which Cost $72.00 And Up!

gun fanny pack       fanny pistol pack      concealed handgun holster

Goods and services provided by Saber Acquisitions Group, LLC. (TX, United States).
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We can understand if you are a bit skeptical.  However, those who know the price of leather fanny-pack holsters are believers.  I am so confident about our gun holster, that I challenge you to find a better deal on a "genuine leather fanny pack holster" from any other store on the Internet!

In fact, check out just some of the prices from a competitor:

fanny pack holster

fanny pack holsters for sale

fanny pack holsters On a cautionary note customers should note that we are wholesale distributors.    This is very important to understand, because when we are sold-out ...sorry, but there is nothing we can do.

** When we do run out of stock, the only thing we can do is to wait for our next container to arrive from the manufacturer. 

Sometimes this takes weeks, and sometimes it can be a couple of months  ...that's just the nature of being a "manufacturer's distributor" 

.... We also reserve the right to change the price on our fanny-pack holsters on this website without notice.

During the times that we don't have holsters in stock, we simply disable the 'payment' buttons.

We strongly recommend that before you go out and spend $40 or $50 for a plain-Jane 'nylon' fanny pack holster, you should seriously consider the value of our product.


Fanny Pack for pistol      fanny apck holster    Fanny Pack Holsters

FannyPack holsters

Goods and services provided by Saber Acquisitions Group, LLC. (TX, United States).
Sold Courtesy of  2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA).

concealed carry fanny pack


Check out the very broad straps, and the more than adequate number of straps which allow for a very secure grip.   Totally customize the way you personally like to position your weapon. Also notice the very broad and generous areas of Velcro for a secure grip of the straps, or the (holster) insert.

fanny pistol pack

pistol fanny pack


...below you can see the holster "sleeve insert."
You can clearly see the generous areas of Velcro on the fanny pack part, and on the insert part.

You also get a better idea of how easy it is to customize the way you want your weapon to lie.

The insert can be used on its own as a pocket holster for a small "carry pistol" ...The insert is a "one size fits all," and will stretch to fit your full frame guns.

pistol fanny pack

fanny pack holsters  Click To View Video

What A Few Past Customers Have Had To Say:


"OUTSTANDING from start to finish! HIGHLY recommend! GREAT item!"

"Great buy, purchased 3 more for friends today."

"Item was exactly as described. A pleasure to do business with."


"Great merchandise!"

"Better than described, excellent workmanship, a great seller."

"Very happy with my purchase."


"Good communication, nice product, fast shipment, will do business with again."

"Great merchandise delivery was quick."


gun fanny pack      fanny apck holster    fanny pack gun holsters

gun fanny pack

fanny pack for handguns

Goods and services provided by Saber Acquisitions Group, LLC. (TX, United States).
Sold Courtesy of  2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA).


OK, TJ   .....so what's the catch?  

The most commonly asked question from prospective customers is "…..OK, what's the catch?"  How do we do it?  How do we sell a $70.00 holster for just $15.94?

The quick answer is actually very simple.  We buy directly from the manufacturer.  There is nobody between us and the LOW manufacturer's cost.  There are no middleman or wholesalers to increase costs.  Our wholesale company has been selling of these holsters to law enforcement, stores, gun dealers, and resellers for many years.  Mostly, our customers buy from us in bulk.  By this we mean that they buy from us by the case.  And a case holds 50 units.  

"......and why only $15.94 for genuine gun leather?"

The next most logical question we receive is "…if you sell them in bulk to stores and resellers, then why are you now selling them individually to me?  And, why for only $15.94 for a genuine leather holster?

The answer to that question is even easier to answer.... The HolsterHeaven.com division is really possible because of the Internet, and because of the incredible advances in computer technology. 

 Since we already had the computers, and software-systems which handle most of the transactions anyway... we then asked ourselves "…what's the difference if we also ship the leather holsters in one's, two's, three's or dozen's etc?

And then, when we started making these leather holsters available in only one's and two's, the most amazing thing happened.  A lot of our customers who bought in one's and two's are part of a larger organization.  They either are in law enforcement, or are members of a Gun Club, or they simply have friends, and family who also wanted one.

As a result of simple word-of-mouth endorsements and recommendations from our customers,  often what starts out as "a single order," actually turn into a sale of a dozen or so :>))

In addition, our web site has the capability to sell the holsters in bulk!!  As a result, a decent number of the orders that we receive from this site are bulk orders!  (Retailers and resellers please note.)

Therefore, those folks who only buy one holster, essentially "luck out!"  It's just one of those benefits that the Internet provides, that people who buy only one holster, can now also enjoy the same pricing as customers who order 12, 24, or 144 units!

Vendors, retailers, and resellers who have special orders over one-dozen should contact us directly.  We will be happy to provide a free, courteous, and friendly "no obligation" quote. 

While Stocks Last, With Every Holster Ordered, We Will Throw In A Falcon IV Lockback Knife, As A FREE Bonus Gift!  This Neat Knife Has A Retail Price of $8.95


holsterheaven fanny pakc holster

If you want...
handgun fanny pack A durable leather concealed carry holster...

fanny pack holsters A super-smart genuine leather fanny pack holster...

fanny pack gun Grab a great deal, and pay only a few measly pennies-on-the-dollar...

fanny pack holsters The opportunity to get "super Insider" info on products and gadgets very few people know about…

ALL for a fraction of what mega-suppliers and retailers charge.


Even better...  You have 30 days to check it out ...and decide for yourself if it is exactly what I said it is.  That's a full month for you to test and play with your holster before you decide.

30-Day No Risk

  gun fannypack

"100-Percent Money-Back Guarantee!"

If you are unhappy, for any reason, simply let me know and I will refund every penny of the $15.94 back to you.  I will treat you exactly the way that I wish people treated me -- with gracious trust, and the benefit of the doubt.

You do not need to give a reason for returning the holster for a refund.  Your word is good enough.

Of course, the bonus gift is yours to keep regardless.

 All transactions from our web site are fully secure, and encrypted for customer protection and privacy.

gun fanny pack

concealed handgun fannypack      fanny apck holster    fanny pack holster

fanny pack holsters

   ccw fanny pack                     fanny pistol pack                     fanny pistol pack

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fanny pistol pack ID Also Verified by Equifax.  One of the largest Credit Reporting Agencies in the USA.

P.S.   A few people might wonder if our holster is everything we say it is.  We understand this, and that's why we've offered a 30-day "No-Risk" satisfaction guarantee.  If you're not satisfied, it's our loss...  not yours, and remember …the bonus is yours to keep regardless. 

fannpack holsters

Crime is not going down.  Every terrorist expert in the country is predicting that another major Al Qaeda attack is certain!  Our Homeland Security is still seriously threatened.  If you live in a State Allowing Concealed Carry, exercise your Second Amendment Right, and stay safe !!

gun fanny pack         fannypack holsters         fanny apck holster      gun holsters concealed    

  Fanny Pack Holsters      pistol fanny pack    fanny pack holstr

pistol fanny pack

pistol fanny pack

Goods and services provided by Saber Acquisitions Group, LLC. (TX, United States).
Sold Courtesy of  2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA).

fanny pack gun holster